Does Filing for Bankruptcy Eliminate Child Support Obligations?

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Individuals who file for bankruptcy may believe that all of their obligations will be discharged. Regrettably, this is not always the case. Child support arrears are one type of debt that many bankrupted people are left with.

Child support arrears are payments that are past due. In other words, the individual has fallen behind in child support payments to the custodial parent. When people fail to fulfill their responsibilities, they are not simply ignored; a balance builds up.

After a period, this balance can balloon, leaving them with thousands of dollars in debt. Often, declaring bankruptcy is the only option to get out of this tremendous debt. There are numerous important aspects to the relationship between bankruptcy and child support.

For one thing, as previously said, child support debts and future payments do not go away. There is no automatic hold on these sorts of payments, as there is on other compulsory payments. As a result, even if they are attempting to repair their finances, individuals are forced to stay current on these payments.

Furthermore, because arrears in child support do not disappear, individuals will still need to obtain the funds to pay off their responsibilities. Individuals cannot work out a payment plan or resolve child support bills in the same way that they may with other debts.

It is crucial to remember that when past-due payments have been made in full, people may be eligible to appeal for support changes. Individuals who have filed for bankruptcy may be able to lower future payments with the assistance of a skilled child support lawyer in certain circumstances.

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