Toronto's Largest Caribbean Festival – Toronto Caribana At Barcode Saturdays!

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A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays!


For many people around the world, Caribana represents an annual celebration of Caribbean heritage culture that takes place every year in summer in Toronto, Canada. Toronto Caribana at Barcode Saturdays is much more than just an event. It's an awesome way to experience the city's lively nightlife scene, as well as its incredibly diverse cultural offerings and population. 


For instance, many Toronto Caribana events take place at Barcode Saturdays in Nest Nightclub in downtown Toronto, so why not plan your whole trip around this exciting annual event? Every year on Labor Day weekend, Toronto comes alive with one of North America's biggest celebrations of Caribbean Carnival. 


The festival, which takes place in late summer, is held over two weeks and celebrates Trinidad's Carnival as well as those of other islands that were former British colonies. Highlights include lavish costumes, floats, steel pan performances various competitions across a number of categories. 


Barcode Saturdays at Nest Nightclub has been hosting Caribana events for years, and they always manage to put together an impressive line-up each Saturday night. This year's party will kick off on July 30th and will run until September. If you're actually looking for something fun to do during Caribana or just want to get out and dance under some colored lights, we definitely recommend checking out Barcode Saturdays at Nest! 


Barcode Saturdays, Toronto's longest-running party, is will always be the #1 Celebrity Party! Barcode Saturdays know how to delight everyone. Every week, Barcode Saturdays feature a special guest DJ MCs, as well as special events involving internationally recognized DJs personalities. 


Bottle service is strongly recommended, reservations should be made well in advance because of the popularity of Barcode Saturdays among residents and traveling visitors. Call 416-735-7827 for more information.