The Safas – A Colourful Expression of Respect and Pride

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On the most important day of his life, the groom dresses up in unique wedding apparel. The Safa Wala is a prevalent part of this costume, however it varies by culture. Traditional and modern safas are both worn on the head nowadays.

Despite the fact that Mumbai is home to numerous Safa Wala, you should only visit the top shop to ensure that you may select a safa that will make you appear wonderful on your wedding day. The days of the groom wearing traditional Safas are long gone. They are quite fashion aware nowadays and want to appear their best on their wedding day.

Turban for the groom

The safa, which is made out of a single piece of material around 9 to 11 metres in length, allows them to look fantastic on their wedding day. This menswear accessory has strong origins in Indian tradition, serves as a significant part of the groom's wedding dress, and symbolises his respect and pride. It is a vital aspect of traditional Indian wedding attire and greatly enhances the groom's appearance, especially when paired with a sarpech (a turban ornament). The colour of the fabric and the graphics printed on it both contribute to the uniqueness of the hat.

Renting Safa Wala

Maheshwari Safa wala has a large selection of wedding headpieces in a variety of colours and patterns. We understand that buying a safa is pointless because the groom will only wear it once. With this in mind, we provide a large selection of Safa For Rent. Visit our store to see our large selection of Safa For Rent Near Me. We are confident that you will find one that is the right fit for your head.

We've amassed a great knowledge of this unique headwear over the years and transformed it into a work of art that complements the groom's look without being garish. When you hire this traditional Indian male marriage headgear from us, you can be confident that you will get nothing but the best because our staff personally source the materials used to manufacture the safa.

Exceptional quality

The fact that our long-term customers frequently refer us to friends or family members looking for Safa On Rent in Mumbai speaks volumes about the quality and popularity of our wedding headgear. As a result, you can rest assured that when you come to us for Safa On Rent, we will not disappoint you. Some of our most popular models are:

• Chundari gol
• Royal Chundari
• Royal Pachrangi
• Royal Kesariya Doriya
• Royal Lehriya Doriya

Consider these points before going to a safa wala near me.

To get the perfect groom look, make sure that your wedding attire and turban match each other. Because pink is the most popular colour for weddings, you should look for Pink Safa For Groom at a wedding store. The modern groom, on the other hand, frequently chooses safas in colours other than pink. We won't let them down because we have a large selection of stunning bridal turbans in a variety of colours... for both the groom and the baratis. You can get ready-made safas in a variety of fabrics, in a variety of colours, designs, and styles, including bridal pagri for barati.