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The DuPont factory, which is one its largest production plants in Europe, opened in 1960. PFCs were not elevated in local drinking water supplies, but following the release of air monitoring results, blood samples were taken from two residents which both showed elevated levels of PFOA.

"As your body gets lighter and lighter through the weekend, you can feel what's going on. You're getting rid of toxins accumulated during the winter. Your body is starting to release fat, those extra pounds." If you feel "congested" from too much food -- or the wrong kinds of food -- you may want to detoxify, she says. If your energy level is low, if you have been taking many medications that have not been eliminated from your system, a weekend detox may help you feel better.

Just be sure to buy the raw, unfiltered, and organic variety. Kick-start the detoxification process first thing in the morning by drinking a cup of warm water with lemon and cayenne . Begin incorporating these small steps to support detoxification—no short-lived “detox diet” required. Those who have experienced withdrawal often state that it is one of the most difficult things they have ever endured.

Additionally, no fruit is off-limits once you've completed the 31 days. "You can have a sandwich in week four, which just makes things easier," Alpert said. Week four is the home stretch, when you can enjoy two starches per day, including bread and rice, in addition to high-fiber crackers. For week three, you can add grains such as barley, quinoa and oatmeal, and even some more fruit including grapes and clementines. You can also have another glass of red wine during the week and an ounce of dark chocolate each day.

The production, use and disposal of toxic chemicals and synthetic materials have increased the risk of exposure to health-threatening toxins. Causal relationships between toxic chemicals and diseases have been well established. However many patients endure chronic symptoms that are associated with exposure to toxins before advanced stages of specific diseases are realized.

People suffering from psychiatric issues could benefit from antidepressants or antipsychotics in order to stabilize. Finding a stable dosage of these medications will help to prepare the patient to begin the process of working through other issues that might be driving or worsening their addiction issues.