See Hawaii's Whales in Oahu on the North Shore

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Learning about whales and seeing them in their natural habitat is one of the most memorable things you can do on a family vacation. When you visit the North Shore a short distance from Honolulu, you can go on an Oahu whale watching adventure and bring along the entire family. It's a fun morning or afternoon activity, and you can do some sightseeing as you go out to find the whales. The temperate waters are rich in marine life, and you'll see birds and sea turtles, and possibly some dolphins. Local captains know where to go for the best views, and you'll have a fast-moving and exciting time.

The whales off Oahu are humpbacks that make annual long-distance migration to birth their young and enjoy the warm Hawaiian waters. They're present from December through April and have some favorite spots when they can be watched. If you're bringing older children and teens who are hard to impress, they will be sitting in the front of their seats with whales nearby. The activity is a little different each time, and no two whale-watching trips in Oahu are alike. It's what makes going out so unique and always bring your camera because if you're there on an especially active day, you'll want to take plenty of pictures.

Local tour boat companies are on the water every day and know how to get you to the right spots quickly and smoothly. If you like to be up and out in the mornings, they can be fun times to go and very beautiful. The same is true of evenings, and sunset cruises are always popular. Being out under painted skies in some of the world's most beautiful ocean waters is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you go to an Island destination like Oahu, make sure you book a boat tour. Spending the entire time on land means you miss a part of the experience of being there. Plan your family vacation for at least ten days.

Once you've gone whale watching, consider the other tour boat options. One is to go to shark territory for another marine life viewing adventure, and the other is to go out and ride big waves as surfers do – except you'll stay dry and comfortable in a rigid inflatable watercraft. The Seven Mile Miracle on the North Shore coat has breathtakingly beautiful beaches and is considered the birthplace of surfing. You have to see the waves in person to understand them, and when you're in a boat on top of them, it's a thrilling experience. Hawaii is a remarkable place, and it's why tourists flock to it every year.