Study MBBS In Bangladesh

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Study MBBS in Bangladesh, a country with the highest pass rates for MCI screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Between 2015-18, 2019 and 2020 Indian students excelled again in FMGE after studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The FMGE pass percentage from Bangladesh is higher than in the Philippines and higher than in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Bangladesh has always been one of the top 3 countries for Indian students studying MBBS abroad.


Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

1. Language English: The medium of instruction while studying MBBS in Bangladesh is English. Because Indian students are fluent in English, what is being taught is easy to understand. Like India, the people of Bangladesh are fluent in English. This does not apply to Russia and China, where many colleges teach in the local language. Students must also understand Bengali for medical training/hospital visits.

2. Indian food available: Indian food is available to students in Bangladesh. The food available in Bangladesh tastes similar to the food available in India. Getting healthy, tasty and nutritious food is very important for every person. Students can cook for themselves. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available. All fruits and vegetables available in India are available to students.


3. Low cost of living: The cost of living is very low in Bangladesh. Cost of living includes accommodation, food, travel, etc. Accommodation is provided for students at the college. Of all the MBBS options available abroad for Indian students, the price for food is the lowest. The Indian currency is stronger than the Bangladeshi currency Dhaka.

The average cost of an MBBS course in Bangladesh ranges from ₹ 24 lakh to 30 lakh. Students from many countries come to Bangladesh for their medical studies. Bangladesh's affordable fees and efficient and effective medical education make it one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students.

* These are approximate figures, as the transfer rate becomes more volatile and changes every second, you can contact our consultants to know more about fees and cost of living.

5. Climate and Culture: The climate of Bangladesh is similar to that of most Indian cities. The culture of Bangladesh is similar to that of India, which makes it easier for Indian students to adjust there.

6. Accreditation: MBBS All colleges in Bangladesh are accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for accreditation by the Global Medical Foundation.

7. Safety and security: Bangladesh is a safe haven for Indian students. The safety of students is ensured as most colleges provide accommodation for students.

8. Low Travel Cost: Most people prefer to study MBBS from Bangladesh as it is very easy to travel. There are daily flights and trains from India to Bangladesh. The cost of travel is very low.