Quick Facts About Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Law

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The state of Ohio has made it easier for patients with qualifying conditions to apply to abstain from Ohio medical marijuana cards. Read on for more information about it.

The state of Ohio decided to legalize marijuana in 2016. This was after pondering hard on the benefits of cannabis on its residents. The lawmakers did this by passing House Bill 523, which advocated for the use of marijuana. However, patients need to follow all the rules laid down by the Department of Health. However, before you apply for an Ohio marijuana card, you need to meet the qualifications. In this post, we shall discuss the steps that an Ohio patient needs to follow to obtain an Ohio medical marijuana card. Keep on reading to be enlightened. 

Qualify for an Ohio medical marijuana card

Before you get approved to obtain medical marijuana, you first need to prove that the medical or health condition you are suffering from needs the medicinal values of marijuana to improve. Dilapidating or chronic diseases are among the medical conditions that are dimmed qualifying. Qualifying for an Ohio medical marijuana card is the first thing you need. Approvals are easily obtained from the Department of Health once it receives recommendations. 

Look for an Ohio doctor with an operating license who is still practicing. While looking for a doctor to sign the recommendation form, you have to know that not all doctors approve or advocate for the use of medical marijuana. Look for a licensed medical practitioner who is practicing medicine. At the doctor’s office, you will need to provide important medical records and history to confirm that you are indeed suffering from one or two qualifying diseases. You also need to pay for the service rendered by the doctor. 

Qualifying Medical Conditions in Ohio

Among its current controlled substances in the United States is cannabis. As much as almost all states in America have legalized marijuana, the federal government still holds that marijuana is illegal. Obtaining an Ohio medical marijuana card from the State Board of Pharmacy makes it easier for patients to access medical marijuana legally. As a patient, the first thing you need to do is register yourself with the medical marijuana program. As a registered patient, you will receive an Ohio medical marijuana card as an identity card from the State Board of Pharmacy. 

As an Ohioan patient, you will have all the rights to access medical marijuana in any clinic in Ohio once you have received the medical marijuana card. You must, however, prove that you are suffering from a dilapidating medical condition. 


What made many states in America legalize marijuana is its medicinal value. Many people suffering from chronic illnesses are allowed to use marijuana because it relieves the pain and discomfort that comes with those medical conditions. However, many people tend to abuse cannabis; that is why the state has to issue Ohio medical marijuana card as a control measure.