The Watch Band Will Loose After Long Time Wear, Really?

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I believe that friends who have worn wrist watch have had such an experience. When purchasing a new watch from Watches Supplier, most of the length of the band will be long. Therefore, it is necessary to take away the extra Watch Chain links, and remember to takace care of the removed chain in case for emergency use. However, after adjusting the length of the strap according to the size of the wrist, but after elongating and wearing for a long time, the length of the strap will become loose from the original fitting wrist. Is this normal?

As we all know, the metal chain belts are all connected one by one. Each section is directly connected with a movable bolt. When worn for a long time, the strap will be subjected to a long-term stretching force. Even though this force is small, it is basically negligible. However, the accumulation of time will naturally cause deformation of the metal bolts, and the gaps between the links will increase. This kind of pulling force is unavoidable. The more worn and loosened the chain belt has little effect on the service life of the watch. If it is really too loose, it will be sent to the brand counter for maintenance. Adjust the chain link.

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However, in general, a well-crafted, high-hardness metal, this force in its performance is not very obvious, compared to ordinary steel, 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel will have to wear a few years before appear loose Happening. However, this is not to say that the better the quality of the chain is, the more likely it is to loose the quality of the chain, and the characteristics of the precious metal material are different. The texture of the chain like the K gold itself is soft, so this stretching effect is more pronounced and normal.

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