How to Create Free Ringtones

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Many free ringtone download sites work similarly

 Each site will have a search box for you to type in the desired song. You can also browse the categories and view ringtones from popular artists. Most of the time, these sites also include a way to create ringtones from your own music. Nevertheless, the risk of downloading a downloadable file is greater if the files are not encrypted. You can download your favorite song from Melofania.

Another place to download free ringtones is the itunemachine. This application has over a dozen categories. You can choose what type of ringtone you want and then save it as an MP3 file. You can even download ringtones as M4Rs or MP3s. This app does not support Android devices, but it does work for iPhones. There are two ways to download a m4R ringtone from Melofania.

Another resource for free ringtones is the iPhone-specific application This app is perfect for iPhone ringtones on Android. The application is user-friendly and allows users to browse by category and preview ringtones before downloading them. The app supports both M4R and MP3 file formats. To download a m4r format, you'll need to install the iOS version of this app.