A man buys a lifelike sex doll to do it, netizen: This is a figure-by dldollshop

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I hope everyone has such an opportunity to let their favorite Love to be exposed to the sun to the fullest.

Anime Lovers and lifelike sex doll

There are many anime lovers in this world, they will express their love for anime according to various practical actions. And one of the actions is to buy various animation peripherals, such as buying a figure. Usually, the price of the figure is still relatively expensive. Although it is expensive, it can really give people a good look and feel, and the collection value will be higher.

Recently, a little brother bought a lot of figures, but what he never imagined was that he recently used a lifelike sex doll to make other figures. Because he went out to play with this life-size sex doll, he encountered a lot. Strange eyes, what's going on here? We together look.

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The value of ordinary figures is already very high. Generally, you can't buy genuine figures without thousands of dollars. Ordinary small figures, as long as they are not domestic pirated bulk goods, generally cost a few hundred dollars. And this is only a very small figure. And this little brother is amazing. He directly bought a real life sex doll and changed it into an other figure. The price of this "realistic sex doll" is not much cheaper than other figures on the market, and it is worth nearly 10,000 yuan.

Moreover, this japanese sex dolls is not like those ordinary dolls. If it is a doll, the price is generally not that expensive. After all, its cost price is there, but sex dolls are different. A sex doll can be said to be a product that simulates human beings, so its cost is higher than that of ordinary figures. However, its advantages are not only very high-end, but also very delicate, which can directly achieve a strong effect that is not vulgar.

Not everyone hates japanese sex dolls

However, not everyone can understand this little brother's preference. After all, a cute wm doll has a strong stereotype in some unspeakable aspects, so later when this little brother took his doll out, Passersby looked sideways, and secretly took a few photos, and put it on the Internet to say that they met a pervert on the road. Such a statement must make people feel very sad. I was just playing my animation hobby, but I ended up encountering various kinds of things. misunderstandings and troubles.

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Everyone’s hobbies and hobbies are different, and the possibility of encountering prejudice is also very large. Sometimes the beauty in our own hearts may be just a funny adolescence in other people’s minds. The cultural circle has also become the most irrational and awake time period in the eyes of others. Now, when I think about it more and more irrationally, it is also the most romantic and free. 

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