what does wax do for a car

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Wax is the primary material to prevent the oxidation of the paint of an automobile. The protective layer formed by the car wax is only enough to save the paint from oxidation and it cannot form complete protection from all damage, such as bird droppings and scratches from heavy objects. Car wax also gives your vehicle a natural shine and saves it from harsh environment.

Waxing a car helps in forming a protective layer over the car which gives it great protection. Though car wax does not provide complete protection from scratches in any it does make them less visible which is very beneficial. Car wax also reduces corrosion due to water as it forms a seal on the pain through which water cannot enter. Car wax is not a permanent what does wax do for a car application and needs to be reapplied regularly for best results. The life of a good quality car wax is 3 to 4 months thus there is a need for reapplication every 3 months.

Before a car is waxed it is preferred to get it buffered with an electric buffer to remove minor scratches and nay irregularity in the paint, after buffering only it is advisable to wax the car which should be repeated every three months. The requirements to wax your car, is a good quality wax, a clean towel and a small sponge. Also your car needs to be clean and dry before you start waxing it. It is advisable to ensure you buy a non abrasive car wax so your car does not get damaged in any way Advisably you should go through directions provided on the package itself and test the wax on a small area first so as to check if it is right for your car.