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SlashRTC, leading contact center solutions provider in India. Our cloud based contact center solution offers advanced technology for small and midsize contact centers. Get in touch with us today to discuss your contact solution requirements in full.

We can assist you in increasing the number of properties you sell, here's how.. 


SlashRTC is a cloud-based telecalling software that includes an auto dialer for real estate agents and salespeople. Our telecalling software ensures ratio-based dialing, automatic call distribution, and, of course, an improvement in agent efficiency, allowing real estate agents to run their sales operations with simplicity and speed. 


Cold calling for sales leads is critical in the real estate industry. Agents scheduled one listing appointment or recommendation on average for every 210 calls made, according to studies and further research. Since the number of calls necessary to arrange appointments is so high.

Predictive Auto dialer for real estate agents is the best solution as it vastly increases the number of calls an agent can make in a short amount of time. Before the conversation begins, the agents have access to the customer's information, not only does this save time finding the contact and dialing the number manually, but also helps them to be able to plan ahead, create a script, and begin with a clear pitch when the consumer answers the phone call. 


Agents can better adapt the dialogue to the customer's wants if they have all of the relevant information. Arriving prepared to a call boosts consumer confidence and enhances the whole experience as the agent can talk more about what interests the customer and keep them hooked onto the conversation. Outbound numbers are less likely to be tagged as spam or completely banned since the call seems less like a cold call and is more interesting. 


Based on their particular position and location, each contact requires a distinct strategy. The factors that are relevant to a private buyer will differ from those that are significant to a corporate buyer. When an agent is cold calling, having a good idea of which script to use can improve the success rate. The auto dialer's preview option allows the agent to practise pitching a specific script and honing their ability to sell to each different type of lead. They can programme the dialer to only call private or corporate leads so they can prepare the appropriate script.


So if you are looking at expanding your real estate business the hassle free way, partnering with us and using our contact center capabilities will be the perfect solution. 

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