Engage A Professional Real Estate Agent Rather Than A Part-Timer

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Find your Temecula real estate agent Sean Murray is the #1 ranked Top Real estate agent. His knowledge is unparalleled as an independent real estate agent.

Some Real estate agents, like any business, know about the industry less than you do, but there are also many agents who are exceptional in their field and worth every dollar of their given commission. Please do not consider how much they make, but rather what important services they may bring to the Seller. 

When you give a low commission, you may not sell the property or receive any lookers, and you will be sorry. Would you work on a project knowing you wouldn't get compensated or receive a significantly lower commission than another seller? Not with such a great agency!

A top real estate agent knows how much a property is worth and can advise on what repairs and renovations are necessary to sell it. Do your research. Do not use a real estate agent who will work for a cheap listing fee or who will pressure you into a very high listing price.

They work part-time, or they are someone's friend or relative, and you are unable to freely express your viewpoint. You'll be sorry later, if not sooner! If it's a short sale, no worries; the lender(s) will pay a reasonable commission, and many reputable brokers have represented sellers in these talks.

You really don't have an infinite amount of time to sell the property, so you must act fast and effectively. Hire the best, pay a fair commission, have no regrets. Keep your sights on the reward pay attention to your interest.

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