Be careful with the laser pointer !!

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These two days, a group of "Egyptian protesters use a laser pointer" fire "military helicopter," the picture on the microblogging heat transfer, "high power laser pointer" and therefore "demand" was Taobao, many users use to create "gor

These two days, a group of "Egyptian protesters use a laser pointer" fire "military helicopter," the picture on the microblogging heat transfer, "high power laser pointer" and therefore "demand" was Taobao, many users use to create "gorgeous night view." However, there are also user worries, "high-power" power is not small, burning cigarettes easily damage the eyes.

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The day before yesterday, the reporter interviewed found that it will sell people in the streets of Fuzhou "high-power laser pointers." Reporters on the scene of experiments found that "high-power laser pointers" could do, as friends said, slightly modified optics set, you can light up cigarettes, matches. Experts said that such "high-power laser pointers" is very easy to harm the human eye.

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It is understood that China is currently the 300mW red laser pointer on hazards are divided into four grades. Output power level of less than 0.4 mW, 0.4 mW two to one milliwatt, three between 1-500 mW, 500 mW for more than four. If the output power is greater than 0.4 milliwatts, this type of laser direct exposure can affect the eyes. When the output power of three, it is easy to cause harm to the human eye.
Fuzhou, a doctors who also shine a low-power laser directly on the retina, can also cause retinal edema and even lead to burns, in addition, when irradiated with laser pointer car, helicopter pilots who have been irradiated with brief sight appears time reduced , it is prone to accidents.

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I bought this for my 9 year old son and he loves it. I think it's neat too. We can find fibers from other things in the carpet, find leaks, and just look at stuff in a cool new way. It seems well made too, not fragile. I just changed this rating from 5 to 4 stars because the 200mw laser pointer stopped working so it took about a year (not sure why.) Fantastic powerful 2000mW output !! No need to be on your hands and knees, just walk through your house the Rechargeable Laser Pointer shine to see an animal on your carpets. Open up a great new world for you. Things look clean, but you will be amazed at the things that are not really clean. Do you know where to buy cheap laser pointers?

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Looking at capturing cat, and wanting something in the high power that was portable, I ended up getting this device and am very pleased. Laser pointer is preferred as it minimizes the amount of visible green laser beam interfering with the observation. This transmitter causes a wide variety of everyday objects to fluoresce (and yes, cat urine is one of them). It also really costs up to nothing with glow-in-the-dark phosphors like a clock or costume. It works best with fully charged batteries (even if they are running under capacity). It gets a bit warm after a few minutes of use, reminding me that although its output isn't high, it's really kicking out the laser. For some entries, the Blue 2000mw Laser Pointers must be held very close to them to see them fluoresce while others shout out in a darkened room.

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In general, the 5000mw laser pointer is fun and it works. We have it with my kids to "calculate" the luminescent stars in the bedroom, and it's ideal for that. When my daughter forgot to turn it off, the power ran in one night; Technically it doesn't stop glowing, but the blue 2000mW green laser pointer was so dark that there was no point in it. The biggest problem with it is that all the contacts inside are rather cheap, and so now, 2 months after the purchase, to get it we not only press the button but also to hit them randomly several times until the contacts are received in place. Then it will take some time for them to spontaneously and you hit or knock them again and it will flicker again, and you can knock it again, and now it works for military applications. You know how it happens.