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This is an important issue because it is through time and activity logs that management determines each employees compensation

This is an important issue because it is through time and activity logs that management determines each employees' compensation. When everything was still done manually, it often takes a lot of time on the payroll officer's part to check all the logs and compute each employee's respective compensation. It takes so much time that the payroll department often asks for five days of work for each pay date. But that's not the case anymore. Along with the many technological advances, the online time log was born. And this isn't only applicable to companies that operate regularly, companies that employ online workers are also greatly benefitting from this technology.

Online time log systems and software are like manna from heaven to both management and employees alike. For the employees, these time logs have already become automated and eliminate the need for countless forms and manual logging of time and activities. And for the management, it has made employee tracking significantly easier. These time trackers come in many types, depending on the primary purpose. For smaller companies that want to use time trackers for simple attendance and timesheets for reports, there's the stand-alone time tracking software.

But for larger companies, there are tracking software and applications that can be integrated into their accounting system and be linked directly to payroll, making compensation and benefits easier to compute and work on, making the payments timely. It can also make attendance tracking and computation of leaves for each employee. It greatly lessens the likelihood of errors and miscalculations on the part of payroll. This is also a great help to companies if they intend to use the data collected by the tracking software to input into graphs and statistics systems that can help them predict or analyze the amount of time being spent on different tasks.

Professionals and direct contractors who directly bill their clients can also use online time log systems. These applications can be linked into the billing system and then used to generate invoices, making it easier and faster to bill clients and pay contractors. This is commonly used by lawyers and contractors who employ online workers.


Having this accurate and timely way of tracking employee activities and attendance has indeed greatly fast-tracked the way we work these days. While these systems aren't perfect yet, time keeping is now significantly more accurate.

Modern time and attendance systems provide a very high level of operational functionality.
It ensures totally accurate payroll information and plays a vital role in eliminating time theft.
Items 1 2 directly impact your bottom line through cost saving. The time keeping software offers numerous options for detailed reporting on various aspects of a business like employee productivity, project costing, paid time off and many more. Levels of productivity and efficiency are raised after implementation of such systems. The automation of the entire payroll procedure helps eliminate paper work.

Automation of many of the processes results in less paperwork and makes life easier for them.
The errors in payroll recording and processing get eliminated and they are able to receive accurate wages.
The time keeping software makes it easy for employees to verify their work hours. The system is able to increasingly streamline time off requests.

Once you have experienced these benefits, you are bound to wonder how you were ever able to get by with an archaic manual time management system. A lot of companies in the uk have been able to achieve positive roi within months of their implementation of an automated clocking in system.