Guide 2 Passing

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Format the exam so that response options are indented and in column form. In multiple choice questions, use positive phrasing in the stem, avoiding words like “not” and “except.”

If this is unavoidable, highlight the negative words (e.g., “Which of the following is NOT an example of…?”). Avoid overlapping alternatives. Avoid using “All of the above” and “None of the above” in responses. (In the case of “All of the above,” students only need to know that two of the options are correct to answer the question. Conversely, students only need to eliminate one response to eliminate “All of the above” as an answer. Similarly, when  “  Guide 2 Passing None of the above” is used as the correct answer choice, it tests students’ ability to detect incorrect answers, but not whether they know the correct answer.) plans for next year’s A-level and GCSE cohorts (Students in England to get notice of topics after Covid disruption, 3 December). They do nothing to address the fundamental weakness in our education system, which is the underachievement of disadvantaged pupils compared with those from advantaged backgrounds. The pandemic has widened the differences between the two groups. Pupils in private schools have much better distance-learning provision if they are unable to attend. Advantaged pupils in state schools have access to computers and broadband and Exam Dumps  to places where they can study at home. The government’s promise to ensure all pupils have access to distance learning is another broken one. The measures announced – advance warning of topics, taking aids into exams, contingency papers for those suffering any disruption during the exam period – will all favour advantaged pupils.

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