A Helpful Guide to California Child Custody Laws

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When it comes to child custody rules in California, like in all other jurisdictions, the kid is the paramount consideration when the courts actually make a judgment. Nonetheless, judgments are made with the child's safety and security in mind, not the parent's. Decisions are also based on constant communication with the parents as long as the child is safe.

This all falls within the authority of the California Family Code Section 3011, 3020, 3040, and 3080 under these sections. Indeed, when it comes to California child custody regulations, it is up to the court to decide who ultimately obtains custody of the kid. It is not an easy choice. Custodial decisions can be requested by a large number of guardians or by any guardian who feels they can address the situation effectively.

As a consequence, the court issues a decision based on what it thinks to be the best possible situation for the child. When there is a custody dispute, the procedure is outlined in Section 3040. Custody judgments are now again centered mostly on the child. Decisions will be made at first to accommodate the parents by granting them joint/dual custody.

Obviously, the court will do this before appointing any other guardian since the goal is for the kid to be reared by the parents. Nonetheless, due to the prejudice of joint custody, the judge is still free to make any choice they choose because the child is the judge's first priority. Furthermore, if neither parent gains custody of the child, the judge will prioritize the household where the child has been living.

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