Irvine Family Law Attorney Talks about the Recent Changes in California Family Law

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Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.

Our Irvine family law attorney recognizes that many of our clients come to us as they are dealing with severe family issues such as divorce, child custody, support visitation, modifications, or domestic violence restraining orders. These difficulties may be quite emotional stressful, especially if your ex isn't cooperating doesn't share your desire to reach an amicable resolution.

In such instances, you may require the assistance of a qualified and experienced family law attorney who can offer you expert counsel as well as practical advice in pursuing your objectives via the court system. Our Irvine Family Law Attorney highlights some of the most recent developments, such as gender identity sexual orientation, that will have a significant influence on California family law matters in the future.

No change, however, has been more significant than marriage equality, which has granted same-sex couples extra rights as well as legal protections in divorce situations. Married same-sex couples, for instance, can now seek child support from their former partners if they do not desire shared custody or guardianship.

This implies that non-custodial parents can be held financially liable for their children's living expenses even if they have divorced their partner. It actually takes a whole village to raise a child, as the old saying goes.

Still, when one parent (often the non-custodial parent) feels they're no longer able or willing to fulfill their parenting commitments, it may sometimes feel as if the village has turned its back on you your family. This is where a family law lawyer comes in.

Jos Family Law's focus is to assist clients with family law issues that have a significant impact on their lives. Mr. Binoye Jos, a compassionate as well as experienced family law attorney, can assist you with divorce, child custody, other family law matters. Contact Mr. Binoye Jos, the finest Irvine family law attorney, at 1-714-733-7066 for assistance.