In the pursuit of delivering quality healthcare to the world, MGM Healthcare signed a letter of intent for affordable and quality healthcare for the citizens of Zimbabwe.
It was signed between Hon Dr J Mangwiro, Deputy Minister for Health and Child care and Mr Rajiv Mishra, VP Marketing and Sales of MGM Healthcare.
At MGM Healthcare, we are always aspiring to keep doing more, better.
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MGM Healthcare is a Cardiac Super specialist Hospital in Chennai, India. We are specialized in cardiac sciences, neurosciences, gastroenterology, orthopedics, transplant sciences, nephrology and urology, obstetrics, gynecology, ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology, psychiatry, diabetes, and endocrinology, pulmonology, critical care and emergency medicine, and oncology. We are committed to improving life through outstanding healthcare. Our multidisciplinary leadership team brings decades of experience, credibility, and commitment to delivering high-quality care to patients and the community.